Business via Whatsapp?

Create Your Online Store in 7 minutes!

Lokein.Store is an easy e-Commerce software that allows you to create and manage your own virtual store with ease on Web, WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram.

How It Works

Start Selling & Receiving Payment in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

List item & share store link or QR Code, Snap picture & list item in few simple steps

Share store link or QR Code to your customer base or fanbase and even, anywhere: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, TikTok or Websites. Manage your business conveniently with your mobile phone.

Step 2

Sell in WhatsApp or Messenger Chat with your customer and copy paste your store link or QR Code to your customer or fan

Be surprised that you’ll receive payment before you have the chance to reply.

Step 3

Get paid through COD, Online Bank Transfer, eWallet (Boost, TNG, GrabPay) or Credit/Debit Card

Invoice and tracking code will be sent automatically to customers. Funds from your sale will be available in T + 3 business days in your bank account.





Total Products


Total Orders

RM 20M++

Total Transactions

Start now from RM9.90 /month!

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What You Get

Features you need to create your own online store in minutes and managing your business via mobile phone!

Smart link & QR Code

WhatsApp form, Store Link or QR Code with auto-generated database and could be shared to your customer base & fan base!

Report & Analytics

Track business, product & team performance. Generate more revenue with data driven.

Multiple Payment Channels for Customer

Payment gateway fee as low as 0.1% per transaction. Customer have the options of paying via Online Banking (FPX), Boost, Touch N Go eWallet, GrapPay & Credit Card/Debit Card.

Customer, Order and Inventory Management

Manage and grow your business easily with your mobile phone.

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